Jan. 9th, 2012

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Secondary (data) hard drive is beginning to make unhappy noises. Time to ease off, get a new drive, and move to it. Might as well move up in size; this one is 500GB PATA; I can get a 1.5TB SATA (only discovered this old mobo supports SATA after the last crash) drive, split it down the middle, and kill two birds with one stone, also moving the 500GB external's data that I use for video onto the other partition. I just wish Thailand hadn't flooded, and HDs were still at $0.050 per GB rather than closer to $0.075.

Have ordered this drive and data and power cables, and hope they arrive by the weekend so I can install them with plenty of time to move data. Didn't want to spend the money, but sometimes there really is little choice.

Until it arrives and is installed, however, I'm going to avoid using the clicky drive. I have a several-week-old backup, but there's fairly heavy turnover, and because the new material is concerts in FLAC, there's probably not enough room to add them all in (I'd have to delete the FLAC files I deleted when I transcoded them). (Next up: research how to do incremental backups, including deletions in Windows XP. Not today, though; I have too much to do before getting to bed prior to work tonight. On the other hand, pointers to good instructions, or well written instructions, on same, are greatly appreciated.)


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