Feb. 1st, 2012

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This has been a roller-coaster day. Some background first...

Our printer (a Canon PIXMA MP780) recently died IMMEDIATELY after I received a large order of ink. After extensive googling, I determined that the error ("wrong cartridge") had nothing to do with the ink tanks, but was a printhead problem that could conceivably be solved by either replacing the printhead ($80, if I can get it at all) or cleaning it (several times, and then only 50-50). Nobody seemed to have a new version of that printer (okay, there are a couple of eBay listings, that all seem to be in the $85 range) or any other of the Canon printers that use those ink tanks.

I had seen, in a buy.com daily email about two weeks ago, a color laser multifunction printer (Samsung CLX-3185) on sale. It was a bit high in price, and we were concerned about consumables prices, so I held off -- until finding that the printer was no longer on sale. At that point, I started checking other outlets for it, but the best price I could find was $15 more than that sale price (at newegg.com).

I was also checking Craigslist to see if I could find a housing for the ink carts, when wonder of wonders! someone was selling a PIXMA MP780. Several emails later, I arranged to go get it, though I planned to check it out first.

Today was the scheduled pickup; I went up to Greenwich, CT to get it. On turning it on, though, to do a self-test, it immediately showed the same, fatal, error that my own printer had. I was, naturally, bummed out.

Came home, had lunch, checked the computer, and casually looked at the Samsung at newegg.

It was (IS, as of this writing) on sale for $119.00!

It has been ordered, and with the free 3-day shipping, we will soon have a printer again.



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