Apr. 13th, 2012

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Three links that I posted earlier today on Facebook, worth reposting here:

1. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm firmly pro-liberty (some would say, pro-choice). And yet, having the choice doesn't make it easy. Today's 9 Chickweed Lane utterly nails it.

Actual comic back here. May be triggery along a woman's rights axis )

2. A federal court has ruled on the relationship of code, trade secrets, companies, and patents. Their status? It's complicated.

3. A progressive Democrat has gotten certified for the Republican primary for the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election. If he wins, Governor Scott Walker (the union-busting jerk and probable criminal) is out. The genius of this is even greater, given that Wisconsin runs open primaries, in which people who cast ballots need not be registered for the party in whose primary they're voting (they do only get to vote in one, if there's more than one for the same office). I would LOVE to see everyone who wants to get Walker booted out come out and vote for a really GOOD candidate (the presumptive Democrat is okay, but this guy seems excellent, from my admittedly left-wing POV).

Plus one more:

4. Slashdot readers had the opportunity to ask questions of fusion power experts from MIT. (This is a summary at DVICE, which has a link to the original.) The short of it is that we can expect working fusion reactors within about twenty years that produce positive energy, and we should have them on the grid in approximately 35-40 years. This timetable could be shortened by an infusion of money (they estimate it will take approximately $80 billion total to get on the grid, which translates to about 40 years at current levels), but not to shorter than a decade. I do hope I get to see it in my lifetime; it's one of those promises for the future, along with flying cars, that we who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s were given.


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