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My son graduated from middle school yesterday. It went mostly well, aside from my phone spontaneously rebooting at just the wrong time to preclude my getting pictures of him going up on stage.

My daughter graduates from grade school tomorrow, Thor and the other weather gods willing (it's planned for outdoors, though they have an auditorium that ought to be up to it in the event of rain.

Both of my offspring will be attending high-level schools next year; he's at Brooklyn Latin High School and she will be at Mamie Fay Middle School (the honors program for District 30 in NYC). There are many similarities: each school speaks about the amount of work that they require, and their strict policies on lateness of work (i.e., not accepted); each has a good track record of getting students into excellent programs at the next level; each shares its building with a school of a lower level.

One key difference, and one that I will be interested to watch, is that while Brooklyn Latin has a uniform (and a really strict policy about wearing it, though the uni itself -- white dress shirt, khaki pants, black shoes, and a purple school tie -- isn't too bad), Mamie Fay has no uniform at all, and a dress policy essentially stated as "dress reasonably" (they usually suggest aiming for what I'd call corporate casual, but clean and not outrageous jeans and T-shirts are fine). It will be interesting to watch how this develops, especially since T is becoming something of a dresser-up, in the fashion, not costume, sense. I think she was disappointed when I suggested she NOT plan on dressing as if she was just off What Not To Wear daily at school.

It's an interesting question, and one worth exploring, since I can see both sides of the school uniform debate. On the one hand, a uniform (assuming it doesn't put the less-well-off parents out inordinate amounts of dinero) solves the problem of kids competing for the best sneakers, outfits, and most outrageous clothing. On the other, defining parameters and permitting students to dress within a range teaches them the lesson of comprehending boundaries and working within them. Of course, if both schools deliver academically, then we have evidence that neither policy is relevant for learning, and, well, we can all have a drink together.

Yeah. I should get to sleep now, before I lose my last good chance to sleep this week.
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