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So, last Saturday night I became ill suddenly: no energy, some nausea, fever. Bleah

Sunday, the fever broke, and I felt better except for what I thought was a rash on my right leg.

Monday, the "rash" was worse, and now obviously an infection (cellulitis, with which I have unfortunately too much experience; my previous experience with it in the leg was the left leg, though). I took the last few antibiotics I had in the house, and waited to see how it responded.

Tuesday, the infection had broken out a new site, further up the leg, and I went in to the doctor. Since I have a history of infections with her, I got berated for my recent slackening of good diabetic eating habits, and prescribed a two-week supply of Augmentin, along with a 48-hour followup scheduled and instructions not to hesitate to get to hospital if it became appropriate (and sadly, I can tell if it's appropriate), as well as instructions to keep the leg elevated. I made the small error of going in to work that night, but with the antibiotics and a fill dose of metformin (which I'd cut in half because my stock was low), the infection held more or less steady.

Wednesday, I slept with it elevated and it seemed to improve greatly. The inflammation was down some, the leg was no longer hot and was less sensitive to the touch. That night I made the smart choice and called out from work, and kept the leg elevated overnight. Learned that it's really awkward to use my (17") laptop in bed with the leg elevated.

Today (Thursday) was the followup. The leg was normally cool to the touch, though still somewhat sensitive. The pink band around the bottom is almost normal-colored (i.e., my normal pale white-guy pink, rather than more fully saturated), and the red area below the knee was still red, but also mostly cool. I've been told to keep up the meds, and take appropriate emergency action if necessary. Next followup: August 7.

The cause of all this was apparently me trimming my toenails. When I did, one, that had gotten seriously thick, came out while I was cutting it, and I actually cut the skin of another toe while clipping. Yes, I have some chronic numbness in my feet (but I still also feel them, largely). Still, even though I wrapped the toes, they are by far the most likely vector for whatever bug I'm now harboring. I'm going to see a podiatrist about diabetic foot care, and will have to work out some better way of clipping toes (most likely, have someone else do it).

Infections suck, especially if you're diabetic. Don't let them get bad; they used to be the main killer of humans before antibiotics.
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